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Women and Couples Wellness, LLC – hi® Massage

I spent the weekend with the hi®

Having the time to explore this new device was very important for me, as a Clinical Sexologist and Sex Educator, before I could recommend it to anyone else.  (The perk of my job is product testing). I found it to be very different from anything else I’ve tried (including my favorite up til this point, the Magic Wand).  The sensations are experienced in so many areas that my brain couldn’t keep track and was forced to relax and just go with it.  I think this is one of the best things about it.  Women are known to be great mulit-taskers – which is a curse when it comes to sexual time.  Our brains are in so many places that it’s a challenge be fully focused on our own pleasure.  The hi® has a way of bypassing the brain and making the sensations DEMAND our attention.  Ahhhhhhh ooooooo mmmmmm. This is a very gooooood thing.

Now – what makes this device different?  I’ll let the innovator tell you more.

hi® allows you to experience relaxation and orgasm, alone or with a partner, any time you want.  It gives you deep intense orgasms and sensations that are different from anything you’ve ever felt.  Most women quickly learn to experience multiple orgasms when using hi®.  It also gives their partners a new way to get them quickly relaxed and in the mood.

hi® is a full body massager that’s uniquely designed for women’s bodies. Its patented method stimulates ALL of your intimate areas SIMULTANEOUSLY. The result is some of the most intense orgasms many women have ever had. It’s the ultimate way to relax, alone or with your partner. Get in the mood with a fantastic foot massage, full body massage, and then experience multiple orgasms. Plus – hi® is backed with a money back “satisfaction” guarantee.

The hi® – Created by Steve McGough

About the Creator of the hi®

Personal health & wellness has always interested Steve. After school he worked in research at Wake Forest School of Medicine.  Later he founded & ran multiple high tech & health companies. He discovered hi® accidentally, from a tragedy.  Many warned it would destroy his career but he realized it truly helped women. He’s an assoc Prof of Clinical Sexology at the IASHS, where he received his Doctorate of Human Sexuality.  He has a B.S. in Biochemistry from UNC-CH & holds multiple US/Int patents.

“Steve McGough, DHS, is an inventor and former tech executive with a degree in biochemistry.  His first independent medical device product was a “TremWatch” for patients with familial tremor, Parkinson’s and related neurological diseases.  His development of the “hi” device was accidental – a husband trying to help his wife.  After 5 years of trying to get pregnant, the miracle finally occurred for Steve and Wendy McGough.  Tragically, in the last few months of the pregnancy Wendy was exposed to an antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Complications forced her to have an emergency C-section, resulting in the loss of their child and a long term and painful recovery for Wendy.  Steve researched everything he could think of that might help, and finally came up with an abdominal massage technique that reduced her pain.  But it wasn’t easy to do, especially to maintain the vigorous massage for 5-10 minutes continuously.  So he started looking for massage devices that might help.  Nothing did what was needed, so he worked on designing something that could mimic the technique.  After a year of designing and building units he found something that worked well.”
“The device I created worked and worked well,” said Steve, now head of R&D for Human Innovations, LLC, the company originally behind the “hi” device.  “It had this unexpected side effect though that the women who volunteered to test it kept having orgasms… through their clothing… just by holding the device over their abdomen and pelvis”  Original investors wanted Steve to eliminate the side-effect, especially in light of the company HQ being in America’s bible belt in North Carolina.  But Steve persisted and gathered women’s health and advocacy groups and is on schedule to release the first run of the product this summer 2016.

The product “hi™” addresses multiple women’s wellness markets.  It has been reported to help women relax when dealing with a variety of challenges, including the aforementioned adhesions, PMS related cramping, pain and migraines, as well as other menopausal issues.  It also reported to provide an effective full body massage for women and men.  Industry experts are touting it as one of the biggest advances in women’s wellness in the 21st century.  Read More…

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, RN, Clinical Sexologist is one of the top educators for the hi®.   She will be available for domestic and international seminars to help women and couples gain expertise in the many ways to use the hi® to enhance intimacy, relaxation and healing, as well as sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

“Once women are turned on sexually and gain confidence in their ability to relax and enjoy pleasure, they will desire more sexual time and shared experiences.  We have to remember, Orgasms are healthy, and our birth right.  “ Dr. Nancy

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About the Author:

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce is the creator of Conscious Living Yoga & Conscious Living Sexuality Programs. She is an international speaker, intimacy educator, and clinician. Her passions include her husband, family and her work helping others awaken to the joyful passions they long to connect with. She is also the executive producer & creator of The Conscious Living Show, As You Desire Sex & Relationship Blog, and The Sex Host Dr on YouTube.
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