Time is a great teacher.  We are blessed with daily opportunities to learn and grow.  We fall down, we achieve, we evolve and we experience.

I work daily to embrace all aspects of being in the world and growing older… the contrary means I’m done and I am most certainly not done!  So each day I awaken and move into that place of noticing.  I notice how I feel, where my body aches/where it feels free;  how tired I might feel and how this night I vow to get into bed before 1am.  I notice my overwhelming gratitude as I stumble into the kitchen and enjoy the hot cup of delicious coffee my husband has so lovingly prepared.  I am thoughtful as I gag down the horse size capsules of my Omega 3’s because I know they are good for me… and oh yes… I remember my Vitamin D and how happy my immune system is with me.  This accounts for the first 5 minutes of my morning.  I try very hard to stay awake all day, to stay in each moment “noticing”; I even notice when I am obessesing about the past or fantasizing of the future.

Life is interesting… full of adventures and twisties (those unexpected jolts of surprise).  Living consciously means being awake to all that is happening right NOW.  There are many ways to interpret “Conscious Living Movement”… in fact as many ways as there are humans.  Through my work I will be giving you some glimpses into how I see the world & life as we are living it.  I am happy to share my observations and ideas.  Some might say the way I think is a “twistie” itself.  I enjoy looking at things from a different angle (maybe that is why yoga fits me so well) because I don’t just “believe” the ideas of others without trying them on for size.  I have never been a conformist…. there is no mold that will hold me.  I am (as my husband states) a moving target.  Constantly evolving and expanding.  If I can inspire you to see the world with new eyes; perhaps question things like our own beliefs, ideas, prejudices, fears, limitations, etc.  Where did they originate?  Do they feel good today?  Do they still apply?  What would life be like without them?

Once we realize our thoughts create our reality (and our biology) we are empowered to heal and change in a way that meets our desires.  What is the desire of your heart?  You are the designer of your life… how are you doing?  Happy?  Loving?  Excited?  Participating?  Whether you are or aren’t, you are in the right place… Jump into the Conscious Living Movement with us… the water is divine!!!