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REDDING, California – Sexologist Nancy Sutton Pierce was recently featured on a reality television show where she counseled a former Playboy model and a former NFL player.

Pierce, who teaches yoga at Conscious Living Yoga in Redding, participated in the intimacy retreat for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett on the reality show “Kendra on Top” where the couple worked through a rough spot in their marriage through physical exercises.

In one segment the couple, who were clothed, posed on the ground where they pressed the soles of their feet against their partner’s feet, but they could not help from laughing as they fell over.

Pierce, along with two other sexologists, was contacted by the show’s producers to design an intimacy retreat.

The laughing was part of the therapy.

“We try to include things like that to bring out the joy. It just moves into a childlike playfulness where they can find happiness together,” said Pierce, 58, who summarizes partner yoga as a connection through the heart through supportive movement, breathing and power play.

Yes, discussing what goes on in the bedroom is part of Pierce’s line of work.

Discussing intimate topics in front of a television crew is nothing new for Pierce, who has been speaking about sexuality for several years on an international circuit and continues to teach a style of yoga that explores sexuality through a holistic lens.

“As soon as you bring sexuality into a conversation people are going to jump to some conclusion. On a broad spectrum sex is still quite taboo,” said Pierce, who recently received her doctorate from the San Francisco-based Institute of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality.

Pierce cuts to the point when talking about sex in general. “Humans are humans. No matter where they come from we’re all here because of sex. It’s part of our survival.”

Reality television stars are one thing, but Pierce is packing up for a trip to Beijing, China, where she will teach about 200 to 300 women about conscious living sexuality through an interpreter so they can pass along insight into human sexuality to their children.

“There is no sex education or anatomy education in China,” she said. “I will teach the women how to breathe, how to move into their own body and how to experience pleasure.”

Pierce has lived in Redding since 1979 and received her degree in nursing from Shasta College in 1983. She has been speaking frankly about sexuality her entire career. She finds the contrast between reality television stars and women from China not so stark. Pierce thinks that everyone has the same hopes and frustrations when it comes to relationships.

“Privately I think people crave to be able to talk about pleasure. The first question they always ask is, ‘Am I normal?’ And sometimes they don’t know who to ask. My goal is to help them find their own authentic path in life.”


The reporter didn’t mention a few people who have been instrumental in helping me along the path I’m on.

First is my Husband, Mark Pierce; he has taught me all about love, trust and freedom to be authentic.

Next is Carl Bott & Linda Bott who believed so much in me and my message they gave me my very own radio show (The Conscious Living at their newly acquired station nearly 6 years ago.

The other person they failed to shine light on is my dear friend and mentor, Dr.Ava Cadell Knecht. She is the reason I persued my Doctorate, teaching in China and had the opportunity to be included in the Intimacy Team with Dr. Ava & Dr. Hernando Chaves for Kendra & Hank.
I’m blessed to be surrounded by loving and brilliant people who believe in and support my journey.

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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