IMG_0362Conscious Living Sexuality Seminars

Dr. Nancy is available for both small and large groups to speak on a wide variety of topics.  From how to speak to your children about sexuality to some engaging techniques to bring your love making to new heights of pleasure. (See list below)

Dr. Nancy is happy to speak with you as to the needs of your audience and create a sexy, entertaining and life changing program just for you.

Some of Dr. Nancy’s commonly requested topics are:

  • Sexual Communication
  • Keeping sex hot in a long term relationship
  • Role play & BDSM
  • Toys are not just for Children
  • The Art of Erotic Touch & Sensual Movement
  • Creative Oral Sex Techniques
  • The natural evolution of sexuality for Women & how to navigate the shifts
  • The natural evolution of sexuality for Men & how to navigate the shifts
  • Human Sexual Rights
  • Becoming a Sexually Conscious Parent
  • Am I Normal?
  • The Secrets of the Best Lovers
  • Getting Out Of Your Sexual Rut
  • Sexual appetites; how to thrive even when they are mismatched.
  • Hormonal Beer Goggles (great for singles or teens)
  • And her book, “10 Keys to Unlock A Woman’s Sexual Desire”.  This is great for men or couples who want to open up their communication.

Dr. Nancy’s rates are determined by:

  • Number of topics desired
  • Size of audience
  • Distance for travel
  • Number of days (including 2 travel days if more than 100 miles away).
  • Extra requirements such as assistants, models, products, etc

Human Sexual relationships and the art of sexual communication are topics that can be designed to meet the needs of any audience.  Men, women, couples, teens;  all programs are created with the demographics of the audience at the conceptional forefront of planning.

Contact Dr. Nancy today and give your next gathering or conference some extra spice!


Conscious Living Movement Seminars

Integrating common sense, wisdom, love, non judgment, honesty and a dose of humor, Nancy shares her keen intuition for new approaches to common problems.

Available for large and small group conferences where a new perspective on tough life issues is needed for subjects we all struggle with;  health, sex, love, relationships, transitions & much more.

Topics include:

  • Reconnecting to your body through breath and movement
  • Opening the heart to release suffering and receive joy
  • Understanding the complex connection between thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
  • “You are What You Think”.
  • Rewriting the “Story Of You”.
  • Finding Your Bliss in the Muck
  • How to listen to your Inner Teacher
  • Communication 101 – The Art of Listening
  • Communication 102 – The Art of Honesty
  • How to Locate Your Authentic Self – And then what?

Please send an email for more information and to schedule Dr. Nancy for your next conference.  For the past 30 years audiences have left her sessions empowered and equipped with powerful life tools they could immediately implement and instantly measure their personal successes.

One participant stated, “I finally began to know the real me, and was able to make positive changes in my life I had always wanted but never able to do until now”.

Please contact for pricing on Speaking engagements.

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