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November 9, 2016

I don’t discuss my personal politics any more than I discuss my personal sex life.... however – I will say that hoping someone fails, just to prove our predictions were right, will only serve to destroy ourselves. This is not terribly bright.

Please think about this.

Half of the country voted for each candidate (with a few more one way) – and throughout time there has always been a winner and a loser.

This is not our country’s first rodeo. So what shall WE do? We each play a role here. What message are YOU spreading today to your fellow Americans? Your sisters and brothers? Your friends and foes?

One of love, hope, support, kindness, compassion, intelligence, appreciation, respect or gratitude?

If not, you are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Whether we LIKE what is happening is irrelevant – it’s still happening. So I CHOOSE to find a way to wrap my mind around the shift and help everyone around me find a pearl amidst the muck.

There are 324,118,787 of us… and only one of him. Where is the real power? Fear will only blind, defeat, weaken and destroy us.

I choose love.

Intimately Yours, Dr. Nancy

nancyupcloseDr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, RN, DHS, International Speaker, Intimacy & Health Expert, the founding director of Conscious Living Yoga, Conscious Living Sexuality & Exotic Lifestyle Events. You can also find her every Saturday morning, 11a-12noon PT, Hosting her Conscious Living Radio Talk Show here at or download the podcast from iTunes.

Nancy earned her Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.   You can experience a sampling of her Conscious Living Sexuality course on the Kendra On Top Show (Season 4, Episode 12).  You can also find Nancy’s contributions in Cosmopolitan Magazine; on,  DrNancySuttonPierce and

Her favorite topics and specialty areas are Intimacy Communication and Designer Lives/Relationships through her Conscious Living concepts.  Her extensive and eclectic background as a registered nurse, health educator, sex & relationship author, radio talk show host, and yoga therapist serve as a foundational fuel for her passion and expertise as an International speaker and sensuality educator.

In between her global travels sharing her passion for passion, Dr. Nancy can be found enjoying life in Northern California with the love of her life for over 30 years, Dr. Mark Pierce.  Together they have raised three children into adulthood and now bask in what she refers to as “the dessert of parenting”, their three incredible granddaughters.

As You Desire is proudly sponsored by Body Logic MD; helping both men and women restore their libido and vitality through hormone therapy, fitness and nutrition counseling.

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About the Author:

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce is the creator of Conscious Living Yoga & Conscious Living Sexuality Programs. She is an international speaker, intimacy educator, and clinician. Her passions include her husband, family and her work helping others awaken to the joyful passions they long to connect with. She is also the executive producer & creator of The Conscious Living Show, As You Desire Sex & Relationship Blog, and The Sex Host Dr on YouTube.
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  1. Dr.NancySuttonPierce  November 9, 2016

    Anonymous Comment:
    I think for some of us, especially those in the LGBT community, we need to use that fear to be extra careful about our surroundings due to the fact that this will bring out more hate crimes. But we need to turn that fear into motivation to continue to work for the equal freedom of all. But we shouldn’t let it drag us down.

    Dr. Nancy’s Reply:
    Sadly, Fear doesn’t motivate, it weakens. Confidence, Love, Strength, Support – those empower us.

    Hate crimes have always happened where there is ignorance and fear. Spreading more FEAR will be the catalyst, not who lives in the white house.

    I’m not afraid of the president – I’m afraid of the ignorance of the people who believe they are powerless. So, I choose to continue my work to empower – to keep people talking about love and compassion. There is where the strength lies.

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